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Every Shade

Nina Atimah

Short - because it's a RANT! And entertaining, well....!

This is a space for minds curious to explore the depths of societal narratives. Naysayers are most welcome.

The Every Shade experience is your sanctuary for unheard narratives to be brought to the forefront with humour, empathy and tough love - the kind your grandma gave!

Every Shade is hosted by Nina, banker turned entrepreneur. She discusses lived experiences from life as a Black exec and a travelling sales(wo)man!

She also gives insight into the perspectives of the 'others'; pleasant and/or bewildering lessons from life in Europe and across Asia and darn near everything that gives her reason to pause - human foibles...foiblessss. 

Every Shade is more than just a podcast; it’s a community where every shade of human emotion and experience is acknowledged, explored, and celebrated. 

Learn more about Nina and what drives her - https://voueeskin.com/about-vouee-skin/